How to use Pekao24?

Software requirements

Information concerning recommended web browsers could be found on PekaoInternet information page. PekaoInternet.

The logging to the PekaoInternet

First we need to enter Client number and press , then we need to enter the proper characters from our password and press button.

If you make a mistake three times during inputting data, the access to the PekaoInternet will be blocked.

If it is your first visit on page please refer to recommendations for service users.

Announcements on page

"The given client's number or password is incorrect. Try again" This means writing in the client's number or password wrongly.


  • Check to make sure you have given the your right client number (10 digits or less, for numbers begin with "0"). Try to write it in once again. If you not sure what your client number is, you can check it up in branch of the Bank.
  • Check if the Caps Lock button is not pressed on. The password is case sensitive.
  • Enter the client number and the password again. If you write in the wrong password three times, access to the PekaoInternet will be blocked for 1 day or till the moment of logging correctly into the other services. Then follow the instructions under "The given password is incorrect. PekaoInternet has been blocked".

"Incorrect password, this channel has been blocked. "

It means that incorrect password was entered three times and access to the channel has been blocked.

Instructions: In order to unblock the service log on correctly to another channel (TelePekao, PekaoSMS, mobile service or mobile application). If you enter an invalid PIN number or password to any other channel access to the Pekao24 (all channels) will be blocked. In order to get access to Pekao24 you should call TelePekao consultant (not  available for business customers) or contact your branch.

"This channel is blocked" It means lack of access to the PekaoInternet because of entering the incorrect password three times in the row. Access can be unlocked in the branch or by logging in correctly to one of the other Pekao24 channels.

In order to unblock the channel, log on correctly into the PekaoSMS or TelePekao. If you give the incorrect PIN number the fourth time in any of the channels, all the channels of the Pekao24: PekaoInternet, PekaoSMS and TelePekao will be blocked. To unblock the channels, report to any Branch or contact the Infoline on +48 62 38 232.

"This channel is inactive" Access to the PekaoInternet has been suspended.

To get access to the channel place the relevant disposal in your Branch or contact the TelePekao consultant.

"All channels blocked" It means the automatic blockade of all channels in situations: giving the incorrect PIN number or password, when one of the channels has already been blocked, giving an incorrect TAN for three times or placing a request for generating a new PIN number.

Place a disposal to unblock the channels in your branch of the Bank or contact the Infoline.

"Your connection with the Bank has been closed. In order to use PekaoInternet please log on once more" For security reasons there is automatic logging with logout form the PekaoInternet in case of lack of activity in on the page.

If you wish to continue using the PekaoInternet, press OK and log in again.

"PekaoInternet requires a different version of the browser"

Check if your browser fulfils the software and technical requirements
(especially if browser, you are using has enabled JavaScript option).

"The Pekao24 agreement has not been signed. In order to sign an agreement please contact your Bank Branch" It means that Pekao24 contract has not been signed.

In order to complete necessary requirements, report to your bank branch.

"We are sorry PekaoInternet is not availible at the moment" Means that there is no possibility to use PekaoInternet at the moment.

Try to log into the PekaoInternet after a few minutes. If the problem still occurs, call the Infoline on 801 365 365 or +48 (42) 683 82 32.

Emergency situations


You have forgotten your password
You need to generate the new PIN number at the TelePekao consultant's, calling the Infoline number: 0-801 365 365 , +48 42 683 82 32, or in the Bank branch. During first logging on to the service you will be able to establish new PekaoInternet password.

You have forgotten your Client number
You can check it in every branch of the Bank.


In case of questions concerning Pekao24, we ask you for contact with us through phone:

TelePekao consultans (if you have got client number and PIN):
800 380 380 or +48 42 683 83 80 (all day, every day)

Infoline of Bank (if you have not got client number and PIN):
801 365 365 or +48 42 683 82 32 (all day, every day)

Infolinie and Customer Services of
800 105 800 or +48 22 591 22 00 (from Monday to Friday, 8:00AM – 8:00PM)

You can also send e-mail on address: